Category : Industrial Accidents


New Orleans, LA Construction Injury Damages Lawyer A personal injury can have a profound impact on a family.  Personal injury victims often incur expensive medical care.  Sometimes personal injury victims require such medical care for the remainder of their life....Read More

Construction Accidents

New Orleans, LA Construction Site Accident Lawyers Construction sites are by nature extremely dangerous and hazardous and those individuals that work at these sites are at high risk for accidents.  Construction accidents can occur suddenly and without warning leaving people...Read More

Oil Refinery Accidents

New Orleans, LA Oil Refinery Accident Injury Lawyers Oil refining is a process where crude oil is processed and refined into more useful products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt base, kerosene, and liquid petroleum gas.  Oil refineries are often...Read More

Toxic Chemical Exposure

New Orleans, LA Toxic Chemical Exposure Lawyer Industrial chemicals can produce serious injuries that may not reveal themselves for several years. Exposure to toxic chemicals or substances, especially over time, can cause life-threatening injuries.  Benzene and other chemicals have been...Read More

Plant Fires and Explosions

New Orleans, LA Industrial Plant Injury Lawyers Industrial plants, chemical plants, and oil refineries are by nature highly hazardous  environments where people who work or visit face daily potential danger.  Many accidents that occur can be life-threatening.  Other accidents leave...Read More