I am always so impressed by the kindness and compassion of our family here at HHK.  Today is no exception.  We asked for donations, and in less than 24 hours, attorneys and staff came in with armfuls of bags and boxes filled with items to give to the flood victims.  We have so much sympathy for our neighbors in Baton Rouge and the River Parishes.  Most of us worked here during Hurricane Katrina.  We remember all too well what it was like to have our homes and place of work flooded, being displaced and needing the help of others.  Our lives were devastated, but we supported each other through it. 

Donations Baton Rouge Floods

Members of the HHK Krewe

We jumped at the opportunity to help others that are in the same situation we were.  Today’s donations were brought to the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office where they will be distributed to shelters in the flooded areas.


Big thanks to Dep. Martin Robinson, Dep. Latoya Lewis, Sgt. Christine Dabney, Dep. Ferdinand Meggs, Dep. Michael Willis

We know from experience that donations are only a piece of the puzzle. The flood victims will be dealing with so many issues.  Our firm plans to continue its efforts in helping our fellow Louisiana residents in need.

–Heather Laborde, HHK Krewe 20+ years


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