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Over the past month, BP has been using the media and other “scare tactics” to try to delay the payment of settlement claims.

On Friday, July 19, the Honorable Judge Carl Barbier (again) rejected BP’s requests, saying that there was no evidence that a single claim had been assessed improperly.

While BP has argued in the press that it is being forced to pay billions of dollars in “fictitious” or “exaggerated” claims, BP had confirmed on numerous occasions that the compensation due under the settlement would be determined according to objective mathematical formulas. BP’s new counsel, Ted Olsen, even confirmed to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal on July 8th that the company was not challenging application of the causation formula.

In response to BP’s latest motion, Judge Barbier stated, “BP has not produced any evidence that would warrant the court taking the drastic step of shutting down the entire claims program.”
HH&K Partner Stephen J Herman, one of the leaders of the Plaintiffs Steering Committee (PSC) has been very vocal in pointing out the flaws in BP’s arguments, calling BP’s motion “another thinly veiled attempt to intimidate businesses and their attorneys who have properly filed and been paid according to the terms that BP agreed to under the Settlement Agreement.”

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