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Lawyer advertising is just about everywhere these days. Lawyer slogans and television jingles seem to be all around us. But slogans and jingles will not force big insurance companies to pay injured car accident victims the compensation they deserve. The lawyer who you see on TV the most or whose jingle or slogan stays in your head the longest, may not be the best lawyer to fight for you. When choosing an attorney to represent you in a personal injury case, only one thing should matter – RESULTS.

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No firm is better equipped than HHK to handle your personal injury claim stemming from a car accident. For over 70 years, our firm has fought for families devastated by personal injury caused by the negligence of others. Our lawyers are proud to have recovered over $35 billion on behalf of our clients.

Unfortunately, these recoveries do not come easy. Insurance companies that put profits ahead of injured accident victims often refuse to pay legitimate personal injury claims. Instead, these insurance companies deny legitimate personal injury claims for as long as possible in hopes that tired families will eventually give up and settle for less than they deserve. Insurance companies attempt to manipulate the system and prolong the process and protect their profits at the expense of personal injury victims. Insurance companies even stoop so low as to attack the integrity of personal injury victims.


People depend on cars everyday. Today it is nearly impossible to get from place to place without a car. Most of us live and work too far apart to travel by foot. As a result, we are exposed to potential personal injury or even wrongful death on a daily basis. Although cars are a modern day convenience that generally make our lives easier and better, they are not always safe. Accidents occur all the time. Car accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons, including drunk drivers, drivers distracted by handheld devices, fatigued drivers, and dangerous roadway conditions. Regardless of how an accident occurred, victims of car accidents often suffer serious personal injuries or even wrongful death.

When you are injured in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another, you have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured in a car accident, you should contact an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney.

Insurance companies know that too many lawyers avoid trial. As a result, insurance companies undervalue your injuries, knowing that most attorneys will settle for much less than your personal injury claim is actually worth just to avoid having to go to court.

If you were injured in a car accident, you need to work with trial lawyers that have a tradition of fighting powerful insurance companies. Our victories on behalf of our car accident clients are attributed to our dedication, preparation, and innovation. Insurance companies and their lawyers know that every personal injury case we accept will be thoroughly prepared for trial and our clients will be aggressively represented. We will not yield until our clients secure the funds they need to reclaim their lives.

Learn about your legal rights from an experienced Louisiana car accident lawyer by calling 504-581-4892 or by filling out our free, no obligation case review form.

What if the Accident May Have Been Partially My Fault?

May 9, 2014

You may still have a case.  If there is evidence that you share some blame for the car crash, and your case goes to trial, the jury will be asked to decide what percent of the fault is yours and what percentage of the fault is the other party’s.  Of course, the percentages must total […]

Settlement Offers from the Insurance Company

One common tactic used by auto insurance companies is to offer you a low ball amount of money almost immediately after your accident.  Insurance companies are aware that many people just want to move on after an accident.  People are often disoriented and uncertain about what to do.  And most people do not know their […]

Medical Release Form

After a serious motor vehicle accident, many people feel disoriented and unsure of how to proceed.  Some people feel angry.  Some people just want to put the wreck behind them and get on with their lives.  Right when you are wrestling with these issues, as well as your physical injuries and other inconveniences caused by […]

Recorded Statements

One of the most common mistakes made by car accident victims is to give a recorded statement to an auto insurance adjuster, especially prior to speaking to a qualified personal injury attorney.  Auto insurance adjusters are highly skilled at manipulating you into making statements that will hurt your case down the road.  The reason that […]

Mistakes to Avoid

Mistake #1 Agreeing to give the insurance company a “recorded statement.”  This is a bad idea, especially if you have not consulted with a lawyer.  Insurance representatives are highly skilled at manipulating people into stating things that can hurt their case.  People often will not even know that their own words are destroying their case.  […]

Bodily Injury vs. Property Damage

These terms are commonly used in auto insurance policies.  If you understand what these terms mean, you will be better able to address your particular situation after a car accident. “Bodily injury” means injuries to your body.  This term covers all types of personal injuries like broken bones, herniated discs, cuts, bruises, abrasions, pain, and […]

Insurance Company Tactics

If you have been in a car accident, you have probably heard from one or more insurance adjusters who want you to give a recorded statements and sign various releases and other forms.  These adjusters likely seem very friendly, ready to help, and concerned about your best interest.  However, nothing could be further from the […]

The Importance of a Police Report

Most significant car accidents are investigated by the local police.  Typically, one or more police officers will drive to the scene of an accident, interview all drivers involved and witnesses, inspect the vehicles and the scene of the crash, and complete a written accident report based on what the officer saw and heard during the […]

Proving Car Accident Negligence

Proving car accident negligence is key to winning your personal injury case.  This means that the other driver did not act as reasonably careful driver would have acted under similar circumstances. Louisiana driving and other transportation laws provide one way to prove that the other driver was negligent.  All drivers are required to follow state […]

What Happens After a Car Accident?

After a car accident, you may find yourself faced with many serious questions: “How am I going to pay my bills?” and “Who is going to pay for my medical expenses?”  The experienced personal injury attorneys at our firm can help get you answers to these questions and more.  We can evaluate your case, help […]