Construction Accidents

New Orleans, LA Construction Site Accident Lawyers

Construction sites are by nature extremely dangerous and hazardous and those individuals that work at these sites are at high risk for accidents.  Construction accidents can occur suddenly and without warning leaving people with serious bodily harm, extensive medical bills, and extreme pain.  Construction sites are often treated differently under the law and it is necessary to seek proper advice.  Under Louisiana law, you rarely can sue your employer directly due to worker’s compensation laws that bar most direct suits against employers by employees.  Often employees can bring claims against property or land owners or other subcontractors or contractors that are working at the construction site.  This is also called a third party lawsuit, and is important and relevant to consider when bring forth construction site claims.

IForeman at Construction Siten 1970, Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, otherwise known as OSHA. The OSHA and other similar agencies enact regulations to monitor workplace safety and establish workplace standards.  These agencies also provide education, outreach, training, and assistance to protect people at the workplace from serious harm or death. OSHA regulations recognize that these accidents are preventable, but workplace accident prevention also requires compliance by employers. Nevertheless, these federally imposed standards are often violated by employers at the workplace, and the workers continue to suffer as a result. For instance, in 2013, the OSHA standards violations following inspections of construction sites, were: (1) an employer’s failure to provide fall protection; (2) inadequate and/or unsafe scaffolding; and (3) improper and/or unsafe use of ladders. 

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