Laws & Regulations

18 Wheeler Laws and Regulations18 wheeler trucking accidents are often more complicated than other car crash cases because there are specific trucking regulations that 18 wheeler trucking companies must follow.  Trucking rules are contained in the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Regulations (FMCSR).  The FMCSR are the minimum safety standards that all 18 wheeler trucks and trucking companies must follow.  The rules exist to protect the public and commercial drivers.  

Truck drivers are supposed to be highly trained professionals.  Driving a modern 18 wheeler is more like piloting an airplane than driving a regular car.  Truck drivers are required to take a special test and maintain a special commercial driver’s license in order to operate an 18 wheeler truck.    

Trucking companies have a duty to make sure that their truck drivers are properly trained and that they follow the safety standards in the FMCSR.  Trucking companies have to maintain files on each 18 wheeler driver to ensure that all of their 18 wheeler drivers are qualified to be on the public highways.  

The FMCSR also requires the trucking company to keep certain documents for a specific time period related to each 18 wheeler and each truck driver.  The trucking company can destroy those documents once the time period has expired

The FMCSR sets the minimum standards for trucking companies and 18 wheeler drivers on everything from required insurance coverage to what records the trucking company has to keep on 18 wheeler drivers.   

Unfortunately, many 18 wheeler trucking accidents occur because truck drivers and trucking companies fail to follow the applicable laws and regulations.  These laws and regulations are designed to prevent accidents that lead to serious personal injury or wrongful death.  

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