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Hurricane SatelliteHH&K has helped thousands of clients recover the insurance proceeds necessary to rebuild their homes and businesses after hurricanes and natural disasters. HH&K has been at the forefront of the legal community, establishing important precedents concerning the interplay of homeowners and business insurance policies and the applicability of Louisiana’s “bad faith” insurance penalty statutes. From residential claims to business claims including business interruption, we are committed to securing the insurance proceeds owed to the citizens of Louisiana.

Having successfully resolved countless claims in the aftermath of other natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, we provide our clients with invaluable assistance, utilizing a thorough knowledge of disaster insurance law.  Our lawyers advise clients on what to look for in an insurance policy when obtaining business coverage dealing with disasters and homeowners insurance.  A significant part of the work we do is to represent clients in first-party insurance claims against their insurer and subrogation cases.

Sometimes, in the wake of catastrophic events such as Hurricane Laura, insult is often quite literally added to injury as many individuals and businesses find they are unable to collect on their insurance claims.  We help businesses with insurance cases, addressing issues of property damage and business interruption. Utilizing the expertise of consultants and accountants, we can meticulously review policies and successfully litigate cases.

Hurricane Ida

Let’s address the issue of hurricane damage, insurance, and legal representation in light of Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Ida was a deadly and destructive Category 4 hurricane. It delivered its wrath to Louisiana and beyond over several days in late August and early September of 2021.

Hurricane Ida Damage

Ida was the most damaging hurricane in recent years. In fact, it became the second-most damaging and intense hurricane to strike the State of Louisiana on record, behind only Hurricane Katrina. Its extraordinarily dangerous wind and water caused massive property destruction including:

  • Annihilating homes and buildings
  • Toppling trees and bringing down power lines onto property
  • Blowing vehicles off roads
  • Flooding homes
  • Ripping roofs off property
  • Downed fences
  • Roof and shingle damage
  • Property loss
  • Business interruption

In the end, the damage varied from home to home and business to business. Hurricane Ida ultimately left few without some harm to contend with. When all is said and done, the damage may surpass the $14 billion in damage Hurricane Laura caused. If the hurricane damaged your property, then a hurricane Ida claim attorney can help you seek compensation.

The Potential Hurricane Ida Claims

Hurricane Ida continues to drive many insurance claims. These claims do not start automatically. A Hurricane Ida damage claim attorney can advise you regarding:

  • Contacting your insurance agency and filing a claim (as soon as possible)
  • Creating a record of communication with your insurance agency
  • Taking pictures and videos related to the hurricane damage to your home
  • Gathering pictures of your home from prior to the storm to support your claim

Once you do your part, with the help of a hurricane Ida damage claim lawyer, the ball is in the insurance company’s court. Unfortunately, the outcome is not always that the insurance company pays the claim without delay. Instead, insurance companies sometimes delay or deny claims.

Delay of Hurricane Ida Claims

Regardless of the degree of damage or number of other claims they are dealing with, it is the insurance company’s job to address your claim in a timely manner. They also must act in good faith. It is not your responsibility to worry about, adjust for, or accept a delay in service from the insurance companies.

An experienced Hurricane Ida claim lawyer is ready to address delays regarding failure to address your claim fully in a timely manner.

Denial of Hurricane Ida Claims

Finally, you may be in a situation where your insurance company has already denied your claim associated with Hurricane Ida. Sometimes the insurance companies deny claims because they report that:

  • You did not include enough information to support the claim;
  • The policy does not cover the damage; or
  • The policy has lapsed.

However, just because the company makes the above finding does not mean that it is correct. Processing agents make mistakes. In addition, some companies act in bad faith. Your Hurricane Ida claim attorney can investigate the insurance company’s denial, demand further consideration, and fight for coverage you are owed. Our lawyers can help both home and business owners.

Hurricane Ida Claims and Your Rights

If Hurricane Ida has impacted your property, it is understandable that you are overwhelmed and frustrated. It would be great if you could assume that your insurance will cover your costs without issue. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A firm with a Hurricane Ida claims legal team can step in and handle your claim successfully.

Previous Client Successes

Oubre / Orrill v. Louisiana Citizens Fair Plan

Attorneys Involved – Stephen J. Herman and Steven J. Lane

$103,000,000 – Plus

Class action on behalf of thousands of Louisiana homeowners who were not treated fairly by Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation for statutory penalties after Hurricanes Katrina and/or Rita resulting in a $103 million judgment (plus millions in additional claims, still being processed).

2025 Canal v. Lobell

CDC No. 2008-03338

Attorney involved – Brian D. Katz

$3,640,000 Judgment Plus Costs and Interest

Post Hurricane Katrina dispute between landlord and tenant regarding entitlement to insurance proceeds. Breach of lease agreement. Lessee failed to restore premises to pre-Katrina condition.

Strouse, Greenberg Properties VI Limited Partnership et al v. Lexington Insurance Company

Orleans Parish Civil District Court, No. 07-8378

Attorneys Involved – Steven J. Lane and Soren E. Gisleson

Breach of contract and “bad faith” insurance claim against Lexington stemming from the destruction of an apartment complex in New Orleans, Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Bruno & Tervalon, CPAs LLP v. Travelers Insurance Company & U.S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co.

United States District Court, No. 07-6821

Attorney Involved – Soren E. Gisleson

Breach of contract and “bad faith” insurance claim against Travelers and USFG stemming from the interruption of Plaintiff’s accounting business in New Orleans, Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

ABC Condo Association, Inc. v. XYZ Insurance Company

United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana

Attorneys Involved – Russ M. Herman, Stephen J. Herman, Soren E. Gisleson, Joseph E. “Jed” Cain

$2,750,000 Confidential Settlement

Breach of contract and “bad faith” insurance claim against XYZ Insurance stemming from the destruction of a condominium complex in Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

P.A. Menard, Inc. v. The Hanover Insurance Company

United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, No. 07-4168

Attorneys Involved – Brian D. Katz and Joseph E. “Jed” Cain

Breach of contract and “bad faith” insurance claim against Hanover stemming from the interruption of Plaintiff’s wholesale food distribution business in New Orleans, Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Timberlane Properties, Inc. v. Pacific Insurance Company

United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, No. 07-4464

Attorneys Involved – Brian D. Katz, Soren E. Gisleson, Joseph E. “Jed” Cain

Breach of contract and “bad faith” insurance claim against Pacific stemming from the destruction of an apartment complex in Gretna, Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

Doe v. XYZ Insurance Company

Attorneys Involved – Russ M. Herman and Joseph E. “Jed” Cain

$1,400,000 Confidential Settlement

Post Hurricane Katrina property insurance dispute centered around a custom-built home in Louisiana. While the winds and rains associated with the storm battered the home, it was spared from the widespread flooding that plagued much of the area. Even though causation was not an issue, Defendant refused to honor the entirety of Plaintiffs’ claim, alleging that Plaintiff’s repair estimates were grossly inflated. The recovery gained for the client accounted for the entirety of Plaintiffs’ claim plus attorneys’ fees and costs.

In 2007, the State of Louisiana Hired HHK to Pursue an Antitrust Case Against Major Insurance Companies for Underpaying Hurricane Katrina Claims

An aftermath of Hurricane Ida, a tree fell on a company car.In a lawsuit filed in the Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, the State of Louisiana, represented by HHK and others, the State and Policyholders sought relief in association with the use of computer programs to systematically underpay claims.  In violation of the State’s Antitrust Laws, urged by consultant McKinsey & Company, State Farm, Allstate, Travelers and the other property and casualty companies developed and used Xactware and other computer models whose “costs” were intentionally and systematically deflated to support the underpayment of hurricane and other claims. HHK, which was pursuing similar class actions against State Farm, Travelers, and Lafayette insurance companies, won a key victory in Federal Court when the Court denied State Farm and Xactware’s motion to dismiss fraud, conspiracy and bad faith claims.

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