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A burn injury can be one of the most painful forms of personal injury.  An individual can suffer a burn injury as a result of exposure to heat, chemicals, electricity, sunlight or radiation.  There are 5 general types of burn injuries:

First Degree

Hand with Burn InjuryFirst degree burns involve minimal tissue damage and are restricted to the outer layer of the skin (also called “epidermis”).  Examples of first degree burns include a mild sunburn or injury caused by briefly touching a hot pan. Common symptoms may include: redness, swelling, pain, peeling skin, and charred skin.  A first degree burn increases your risk of skin cancer and the healing time can be anywhere from 2-5 days. 

Second Degree

Second degree burns affect both the outer layer of skin (“epidermis”) and the underlying layer of skin (“dermis”), causing a red or pink coloring, pain, swelling, and blisters.  The healing time of a second degree burn is generally 3 to 4 weeks and scarring is usually minimal.  The most common complication with a second degree burn is a local infection and if this burn is left untreated it can develop into a third degree burn.

Third Degree

Third degree burns involve the outer layer of skin (“epidermis”), the underlying layer of skin (“dermis”), and the layer of fatty tissue beneath the skin (“hypodermis”), meaning all layers of the skin are destroyed.  The side effects of a third degree burn can included charring of skin with coagulated vessels visible below the skin surface, permanent scarring, disfigurement, contractures and amputation.  The appearance of skin that has suffered a third degree burn is stiff and brown and will appear leathery in texture.

Fourth Degree

Fourth degree burns, also called “full thickness burns,” burn all the way to the skin, tissue, tendons, bones, ligaments and muscles.  Skin will appear black and charred and will require excision to heal.  The complications associated with this degree of burn include amputation, function impairment, gangrene and death.  A fourth degree burn will cause little to no pain because the nerve endings are destroyed.


The fifth type of burn injury involves inhalation.  Inhalation injuries are caused by breathing in hot air.  The upper airways and mucous membranes are often damaged as a result of inhalation.  When inhalation injuries are combined with external burns the chance of death increases. 

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