Teen DriverTeen drivers have special needs on the road – and while they may have had good training and have gained some experience, they lack the years that adult drivers have to make split decisions. Parents may invest a good deal of time finding a car with a five star safety rating for their teens, send them to driving classes, and spend hours with them in the car while they have their learners permits, but what else can a parent do?

Tips for Safer Driving

Teen drivers cannot solely rely on the safety rating of their vehicle to reduce their likelihood of accidents or injuries. When your teen first starts to drive, there are tips that you can share with them to help reduce their risk for accident that might also reduce their liability. Some things that you can do include:

  • Emphasizing the importance of always wearing a seat belt. Make sure that your teen driver is always in the habit of wearing his or her seatbelt and knows that every passenger must also wear a seat belt. Make a rule that the car doesn’t get started until all seat belts are fastened.
  • Make sure that your teen knows to not text, socialize, or talk while driving. If they have issues putting their phones down, download the smartphone app that helps shut down their phone if they are driving.
  • Let your teen know the importance of following the speed limits – and not speeding just to impress some friends.
  • Restrict your teen’s driving, and do not allow them to drive between 9:00 pm and midnight. Better yet, have an early driving curfew.
  • Limit how many passengers your teen driver is allowed to have in his or her vehicle – especially during the first year after getting his or her license.
  • Always make sure that your teen’s vehicle is safe and well-maintained. Teach him or her the importance of inspecting the vehicle, rotating tires, and even getting oil changes and safety checks each year.

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