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Crashed CarsThere are a lot of trends in the United States, but one trend that no one is celebrating is the fact that traffic fatalities have risen by 14 percent so far in 2015. If this trend continues, 2015 will be the deadliest year for drivers since 2007. This data was released earlier this year by the non-profit organization, the National Safety Council. In their conclusion, they highlighted the increase of traffic deaths and their associated costs.

What the Numbers Say

According to the data released by the NSC, there were more than 18,600 accident-related fatalities in the United States from January to June. This is compared to the 16,400 deaths that were recorded for the same period in 2014 –  an increase of 14 percent.

The NSC also estimates that the cost of these deaths and injuries has totaled somewhere near $152 billion. Just some of the costs that factor into that astounding total include:

  • Property damage
  • Productivity losses
  • Medical costs
  • Administrative expenses
  • Wage losses
  • Employer costs

Why Such a Dramatic Increase?

In addition to alerting the public about the increase, the NSC dug a little further and helped uncover the reasons for the increase in traffic deaths. The NSC has pinpointed three separate causes of the increase, which include:

  1. Cheaper Gas Prices –

    As of right now, the United States is seeing a remarkable decrease in the cost of fuel. In fact, on average, gas prices are down by 30 percent compared to 2014. With gas being more affordable, there are more cars on the road and more traffic congestion, which increases the likelihood of an accident.

  2. More Commuters and Jobs –

    The United States job market is finally making a comeback, but as more jobs are added to the market, more commuters will equally be added to local roads and highways. This congestion has increased the opportunities for accidents, and thus increased the risk of traffic-related fatalities.

  3. Distracted Driving –

    The first two causes are not easy to avoid, but the last cause of the increased deaths is. According to the NSC, Americans are “addicted” to their devices and that addiction has led to a growing problem regarding distracted driving. Americans will continue to drive, text and talk regardless of safety. Despite some states implementing bans on texting, in some states there are still no bans on hands-free devices or on talking on a cellphone while driving. Other countries have firm bans that drivers cannot hold or engage any device what-so-ever while operating a vehicle.

The NSC will continue to monitor this trend and see what the numbers say for the remainder of the year. As long as gas prices remain low, jobs and commuters increase, and Americans continue to use their devices, they do not foresee this trend slowing down; instead, it is likely to increase.

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