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Offshore Workers Unloading a CrateA career in the offshore/maritime field is one of the most dangerous fields anyone could enter. There are daily hazards on these job sites, and unfortunately, there are frequent injuries among offshore workers. Most of these injuries could be avoided if workers and employers observed basic safety protocol while on the job.

Whether it is a refinery, oil rig or offshore drilling crew, having adequate safety protocols in place could save lives. Before a company or employee could implement proper safety techniques, they must first know what risks and common injuries are out there – and how to avoid them.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are very common among offshore workers. This is because they often have to lift heavy objects without any support. Workers should keep in mind that their legs should do most of the lifting – not their backs. If an object is too heavy, workers should consult with a supervisor or ask another employee to assist them.

Eye Injuries

Ships and offshore drilling rigs can expose an employee to numerous hazards – including debris and harsh chemicals. Employees can prevent eye injuries just by wearing protective eye gear at all times – especially when handling chemicals, welding, painting, etc. Workers who are not engaging in these types of job activities should still wear protective eye gear any time they are outside and exposed to the elements.

Hand Injuries

An offshore job of any kind will put a worker in contact with both sharp and hot objects. Hand injuries often occur when employees do not wear the proper safety gloves. Also, it is important that employees never wear gloves around rotating equipment where their glove could easily get caught in the mechanism.

Head Injuries

Falls or being struck from above by falling objects can lead to serious head injuries and brain trauma. Workers can avoid these types of injuries by wearing proper protective gear. Employers can protect their employees by installing handrails, ensuring work areas are kept clean and teaching other employees to always be aware of employees that may be working below them.


Chemicals and oil fires can lead to intense, life-threatening burns. These types of injuries are also very common for offshore drillers and maritime workers. Burns can be avoided by teaching employees how to properly handle and store hazardous chemicals as well as maintaining all safety protocols when it comes to proper drilling.

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