offshore workers over waterMaritime employers spring into action after a serious accident has occurred offshore. Experienced risk managers and maritime lawyers are commissioned to begin defending the company against a claim by an injured offshore worker.

Some maritime employers will even go so far as to attempt to trick an injured offshore worker into believing things about the law that simply are not true. Every offshore worker should know the following when dealing with their maritime employer after an accident:

  1. Injured offshore workers are NOT required to give a recorded statement. While it is important that injured workers report the accident as soon as possible and adhere to company procedures, recorded statements are not required by law. Injured offshore workers should be very careful about giving a recorded statement without first seeking independent legal advice.
  2. Injured offshore workers are NOT required to see their maritime employer’s doctor. Injured workers should pick a doctor that they are comfortable seeing and will treat them fairly and appropriately.  Unfortunately, some company doctors will try to force injured offshore workers back to work so as to reduce the company’s potential exposure in a maritime injury case. Injured offshore workers should be very leary of any attempt by their company to force them to see a particular company doctor.
  3. Injured offshore workers are NOT required to sign any paperwork in exchange for getting medical treatment. Some maritime employers have started trying to convince injured offshore workers to sign paperwork before they get medical treatment or maintenance benefits.  Injured offshore workers should consult with an attorney before signing any paperwork following an offshore accident.
  4. Injured offshore workers are entitled to medical treatment and maintenance payments regardless of who was at fault for the accident.. Any attempt by a maritime employer to convince an offshore worker that they are entitled to these benefits only if they were free of fault, is simply wrong. Maritime employers can be punished severely for withholding these benefits from injured offshore workers.

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