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Man Falling on WorksiteWorkplace accidents are tragic. No one expects to not come home after arriving to work for the day. Whether it is a child, spouse or parent, the loss of a loved one is unimaginable. When that death is caused by an employer’s or employee’s negligence, it can be much worse.

According to recent statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace deaths are on the path to being at the highest level since 2008. In 2014, the Bureau reported that 4,679 people in the United States died due to workplace injuries. The Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries also plans to report in spring of 2016, revising some of the data released in 2014.

Information That Has Been Released

The initial report released in 2014 has some shocking numbers, including:

  1. Fatal work injuries of workers ages 55 and older increased to their highest levels ever reported.
  2. The deaths of Latino or Hispanic workers have slightly decreased since 2013, but the deaths of African-American, Asian, and Caucasian workers has increased since 2014.
  3. Of those deaths reported in 2014, trips, falls and slips accounted for 10 percent of the total.
  4. Some jobs saw an increase in the number of work-related fatalities, including mining (17 percent increase), agriculture (14 percent increase), manufacturing (nine percent increase) and construction (six percent increase).
  5. Law enforcement has seen an increase in the number of work-related deaths reporting 103 deaths in 2013 – compared to the 88 deaths in 2013.
  6. Those working as self-employed individuals have also seen an increase in work-related deaths by 10 percent for 2014, while salaried employees and wage-worker deaths have remained steady.
  7. Transportation-related accidents are also on the rise. Car accidents involving workers has resulted in 57 percent of deaths, with pedestrian accidents following closely at 17 percent. Railway accidents have seen an increase of 34 percent in work-related deaths since 2014.

What is Causing the Increase in Work-Related Fatalities?

The Census has not released any statements or theories as to why the number of deaths is increasing, but there are some theories from professionals that have been brought up. Some possible causes of this increase include:

  1. Growing Job Market – As the job market continues to improve, the number of individuals working equally increases – which naturally increases the number of potential work-related fatalities.
  2. Distractions – Just like the recent increases in automobile deaths, distractions could be playing a role in the increase of work-related fatalities. Workers are distracted by cell phones, technological devices and even conversations – forcing them to spend less focus on their job.
  3. Relaxed Employers – Some employers may be taking a relaxed approach when it comes to safety – or relaxing safety protocols in order to increase their bottom line. Doing so, however, increases the likelihood of employee injury or death.

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