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New Orleans, LA Personal Injury Blog

truck accident FMCSA Seeks to Curb Fatigued Truck Driving with Electronic Logs

April 29, 2016

New Orleans, LA Truck Driver Fatigue Related Accidents Lawyer Last month, the truck driver accused of crashing into a limo van carrying comedian Tracy Morgan and his driver pled not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide and aggravated assault in connection with the well-publicized trucking accident. Federal investigators have suggested that the truck driver had […]

New Orleans Truck Accident Attorneys - Herman Herman & Katz, LLC What Is That Tractor-Trailer Beside You Hauling? You May Not Want To Know.

February 9, 2016

New Orleans, LA Tractor-Trailor Accident Injury Lawyer Large commercial trucks present sufficient hazards to other motorists all on their own, without factoring in the dangerous cargoes they carry. Anyone who has been involved in or witnessed a serious commercial truck accident knows how much damage an 80,000 lb. 18-wheeler can cause in a collision with […]


May 14, 2014

New Orleans, LA Damages from a Truck Wreck Lawyer A personal injury can have a profound impact on a family.  Personal injury victims often incur expensive medical care.  Sometimes personal injury victims require such medical care for the remainder of their life. Personal injuries can be so severe that their victims are left unable to […]

Types of Trucking Accidents

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer Serving All of New Orleans There are many different types of trucking accidents that can lead to serious personal injury or even wrongful death.  Types of truck accidents often vary depending upon the truck driver themselves, the trucking equipment, and the ability of the driver to react.      Air Brake […]

Driver Qualification File

New Orleans, LA Truck Driver Qualification Violation Attorney A trucking company must maintain a driver’s qualification file (DQ file) on each 18 wheeler driver it employs.  Each driver qualification file must contain the following:  (1) driver’s application for employment;  (2) a written record of inquiries made to prior employers and any responses received from them;  […]

Annual Review

New Orleans, LA Trucking Company Liability Lawyer A trucking company must perform a review of its drivers at least every 12 months to determine that its drivers are still qualified.  During the review, the truck driver must give the trucking company a certified list of moving violations and accidents for the preceding 12 months.  The […]

Inspection Reports

New Orleans, LA 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Before a truck driver begins to drive on a given day, he/she must inspect the 18 wheeler and be satisfied that the parts of the truck are in good working order.  The driver must inspect: Service brakes Parking brakes Steering mechanism Lighting devices and reflectors Tires Horn Windshield wipers […]

Hours of Service Rules

New Orleans, LA Truck Driver Fatigue Injury Accident Lawyer The FMCSR sets out the number of hours that a truck driver is allowed to drive before he/she has to take a mandatory break.  These fatigue-fighting rules for truck drivers were carefully crafted based on years of scientific research.  The hours of service rules include the […]

Truck Driver Qualifications

New Orleans, LA Truck Driver Safety Lawyer Truck drivers must maintain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in order to operate an 18 wheeler.  A CDL is a special license for people who operate vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds.   18 wheeler drivers must meet the following minimum standards:  The truck driver must be at […]

Insurance Requirements

New Orleans, LA Uninsured Truck Driver Lawyer 18 wheeler trucks have to be insured.  Liability insurance protects people who are injured when an 18 wheeler causes an accident.   When an 18 wheeler is involved in an accident, the insurance company will hire lawyers to defend the truck driver and trucking company. If you file […]