6 Reasons to Choose HHK

At Herman Herman Katz, our reputation is our most valuable possession. The following are some of the reasons that our clients choose to trust us:

We are streetwise:​ Despite the stellar academic performance of our attorneys, we are the first to realize that intelligence, as it matters in practice anyway, is about more than just IQ – especially when you are negotiating against tricky insurance adjusters or anticipating your opponent’s next move in court. We are all “students of human moves” in service to justice for our clients.

We are personally involved: Representing personal injury victims is not just our job – it is our mission. That is why we represent victims, not defendants. As far as we are concerned, your problem is our problem too. We will tackle your case with the same intensity as we would if one of our family members had been injured.

After all these years, we still respond with outrage when a defendant thinks they can just walk away after turning someone else’s life upside down through their misconduct. However, we never let our emotions overwhelm us – instead, they energize and motivate us.

We are relentless: We. Absolutely. Will. Not. allow anyone to bully you, no matter who they are. Put simply, we won’t back down, and we won’t quit until we secure justice for you. Although it sometimes happens that compromise is the best solution, a solution is exactly what it is – not an excuse to settle your claim for less than what it’s worth. If our firm had a mascot, it would be a bulldog.

We are compassionate: ​It takes more than street smarts and a brilliant legal mind to successfully conclude a personal injury case. You may find your emotions reaching a breaking point as you struggle to deal with a stingy or evasive defendant and deal with mounting medical bills – all while trying to recover from a serious injury. We try to address the emotional aspects of your situation so that the entire experience will be as stress-free for you as possible.

We know our way around the courtroom: This fact, ironically, keeps our clients out of court more often than not. Defendants and insurance adjusters laugh behind the backs of legal practitioners who boast “expert” negotiation skills but who cannot win in court. Why should an opponent settle a claim when the victim’s lawyer hasn’t proved that he has the ability to compel payment through a court judgment?

We never have that problem. Billions of dollars in courtroom judgments tend to wipe the smirk off the face of an overconfident insurance adjuster – at least once he finds out you have retained Herman Herman Katz to represent you. Once that happens, an out-of-court settlement is by far the most likely result.

We WIN: At the end of the day, results are all that matter; all the rest is just conversation. And results are measured in only one way – cash in your bank account. That’s OK with us. While other law firms are boasting about how many millions of dollars they have won for their clients, we can point to recoveries in the billions. The total amount we have won for all of our clients combined, $35 billion, exceeds the aggregate annual GDP of more than one hundred of the world’s nations.

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