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  • Business disputes can negatively impact a company’s investors, profits, goals, reputation, and finances.
  • There are many types of business disputes a commercial litigation attorney can help with, including antitrust, breach of contract, partnership agreements, fraud, land disputes, and more.
  • A commercial litigation attorney can protect a business and resolve legal issues through negotiations, alternative dispute resolutions, or in the courtroom.

Why Hire HHK for Your Commercial Litigation Lawsuit

Running and owning a business is difficult and involves a lot of moving parts that require careful planning and strategies in order to succeed. Unfortunately, despite our best-laid plans, sometimes business does not go as smoothly as we would have liked.

Complex commercial disputes can derail businesses for years and cost investors dearly. When a conflict occurs, it is crucial to partner with a New Orleans commercial litigation lawyer from an established Louisiana law firm so that the matter is resolved quickly and fairly.

The New Orleans commercial litigation attorneys at Herman Herman Katz take pride in understanding the challenges that complex litigation poses for your business. We approach commercial litigation as a business matter. Our legal team helps you analyze your options, consider the costs and risks, and recommend approaches that help you achieve your goals in any given commercial dispute. Our firm also works with you to control the cost of litigation through proactive legal strategies and creative alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options.

However, should the need arise, our Louisiana commercial litigation attorneys are fully prepared to proceed to trial in any commercial dispute. Our success on behalf of our commercial clients is attributed to our dedication, preparation, and innovation. Our opponents know that every case we accept will be thoroughly prepared for trial, and our clients will be aggressively represented.

If you’re involved in a business dispute, the Louisiana commercial litigation attorneys at HHK are here to help. Our experience and tenacity will ensure the best results at the negotiating table or in the courtroom so you can return to business. Contact us online or call 1-844-943-7626 for a free consultation.

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Types of Business Disputes a Commercial Litigation Attorney Handles

Given the many moving parts of a business, there are numerous ways a dispute may arise. Our commercial litigation attorneys have extensive experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes, including the following:

  • Antitrust
  • Business Disputes
  • Civil RICO
  • Contracts
  • Construction
  • Fiduciary Duty
  • Financing
  • Fraud and Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Insurance
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Patent and Other Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate
  • BP Oil Spill

Without proper representation, a business dispute can cause severe, even irreparable, damage to a company. At the very least, these issues typically take much longer to resolve than civil litigation lawsuits, costing valuable resources like time and money – resources that would be better used to help a company succeed and meet its goals. Some types of disputes, like those involving consumers who sue a business, become class action lawsuits; when many people were harmed or suffered losses in the same way due to a defective product, the companies that manufactured, distributed, and/or sold the product may be held responsible.  

If your business is involved in a commercial dispute, learn about your legal rights from our experienced Louisiana commercial litigation lawyers today.

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Why You Need a Louisiana Commercial Litigation Attorney

Since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has experienced an entrepreneurial boom. From the expansion of the film industry known as “Hollywood South” to the rise of the “Silicon Bayou” tech industry, exciting new businesses are making their home here. New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana are booming with the construction of new commercial buildings and the renovation of older structures. We are all excited to see the commercial growth, but this growth means there are more and more business disputes occurring in the state.

Commercial litigation is complex and nuanced, and as a result, these cases typically take longer to resolve, whether through negotiations, arbitration, or in court. The damage a business dispute can cause is extensive and extremely costly for everyone involved. But an experienced commercial litigator can mitigate the effects it has on a business and even help prevent future disputes from arising.

At HHK, our Louisiana commercial litigation attorneys have frequently reached favorable settlements during negotiations because of our past success and reputation of securing extraordinary verdicts at trial. However, we’ve also won complicated business litigation lawsuits in the courtroom. Our team always builds cases under the presumption they’ll go to trial; if the best option is to take a business dispute to court, we’re prepared and not afraid to do so.

Our commercial litigation lawyers review contracts and other relevant documents, handle communications with everyone involved in a dispute, negotiate, develop legal strategies to strengthen a case, understand and apply business laws, and gather evidence – a process similar to what our Louisiana personal injury attorneys follow.

In addition to the legal knowledge and years of experience we have fighting for and protecting businesses involved in disputes, we take our role a step further; we’re always proactive when representing businesses because we determine areas of liability and recommend strategies to avoid future commercial disputes.

For example, our business litigation lawyers can help develop contracts with other companies or entities our clients have relationships with. Since contract disputes are one of the most common types of commercial disputes, involving an attorney when creating these agreements helps save businesses from costly issues down the road.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions for Business Disputes  

While litigation is an effective – and sometimes, the best – way to settle a business issue, a commercial litigation attorney can provide invaluable assistance and guidance during alternative dispute resolutions, including arbitration and mediation.

In fact, a business lawyer can assess and recommend pursuing an ADR to settle disputes. They’re usually less costly, and matters are likely to be resolved in less time compared to commercial litigation.

Whether your business is involved in a dispute or you’re an individual looking for representation in a business dispute, hiring an experienced commercial litigation attorney is the first step to take. Don’t communicate with the other party or agree to anything before speaking with the legal team at HHK. Contact us online or by phone at 1-844-943-7626 for a free, no-obligation case consultation.

Commercial Litigation Frequently Asked Questions

Who Could Be Involved in Commercial Litigation?2023-11-21T20:25:03+00:00

Many different parties may be involved in a business dispute. These include business owners, insurance companies, suppliers, employees, board members, executives, land owners, investors, partners, customers, clients and consumers, government entities, manufacturers, distributors, and other contractors.

What Are the Most Common Types of Business Disputes?2023-11-21T20:24:16+00:00

While there are many ways a business dispute may arise, the most common types of commercial litigation cases are caused by breach of contract, employment issues, intellectual property disputes, breach of warranty and defective products (consumer lawsuits), and partnership disputes.

What Is Commercial Litigation?2023-11-21T20:23:39+00:00

Commercial litigation involves disputes between businesses or a business and individual(s). The legal process includes discovery, witness interviews, hiring experts as needed, and filing motions, all to build a strong case based on the applicable business laws. It involves presenting arguments and a factual case for negotiations and, if needed, in court. Commercial litigation may occur in state or federal court or through alternative dispute resolutions.

What Does a Commercial Litigation Attorney Do?2023-11-21T20:22:41+00:00

A commercial litigation lawyer specializes in litigation that involves at least one business – a business and individual or two or more businesses. When a business dispute arises, these types of lawyers protect the company or individual involved, advise them of their options, and fight for their best interests in court, during negotiations, or through alternative dispute resolutions. Commercial litigation attorneys specialize in business law, minimizing risks and losses when a dispute arises.

How Can a Commercial Litigation Attorney Help?2023-11-21T19:53:44+00:00

A commercial litigation attorney can help protect a business’s interests, partnerships, investments, and bottom line. They analyze, outline, and recommend approaches and resolutions to a commercial dispute. A skilled commercial litigation attorney prepares to take a case to court to get the best outcome.

Is Commercial Litigation the Same as Civil Litigation?2023-11-21T19:55:19+00:00

There are many similarities between commercial and civil litigation, but the main difference is that commercial litigation involves at least one party being a business rather than just individuals. Aside from that, the legal process a commercial litigator follows to build a case, negotiate, and represent their clients in court is very similar to civil litigation.  

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