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Practice Areas

Whether you were injured in an accident or by a defective product, were the victim of sexual abuse, or suffered another form of harm or loss, the attorneys at Herman Herman Katz can help. With a team of skilled and passionate lawyers, we offer legal services for an extensive list of situations.

Why Hire HHK?

Since 1942, our attorneys have been protecting the rights of our clients, and we’ve built a proven track record of success. Our firm’s practice areas meet a wide range of legal needs, and we’re committed to developing trusted relationships with our clients. Our lawyers are known as some of the best in the industry, and the name we’ve built in Louisiana and throughout the U.S. is well-deserved.

While personal injury claims are some of our most common types of cases, our services extend well beyond these legal situations. And if you’re unsure if we can help, contact us for a free, no-obligation case consultation. We’ll assess your case to determine whether you have any legal options.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are countless ways someone can be injured, especially when another party caused or contributed to the accident. The types of personal injury cases we handle include car accidents, toxic contamination, brain injuries, construction accidents, burn injuries, dangerous products, industrial site accidents, electrocutions, offshore injuries, wrongful death, and 18-wheeler truck accidents.

Through a personal injury lawsuit, victims can receive much-needed compensation and justice when someone’s negligence or intentional actions cause harm or a fatal injury. Oftentimes, the liable party is a business or other entity, which makes navigating the legal process and dealing with an insurance company or the defendant’s lawyers even more stressful and difficult following an accident.

There are specific types of damages that may be sought through a personal injury claim, and they cover far more than just medical expenses. After all, the mental and emotional impact, combined with the physical and financial toll, can be overwhelming for the victim of a personal injury and their family.

The Louisiana personal injury attorneys at HHK thoroughly examine all aspects of each case, bringing in experts when needed. While many personal injury claims are settled during negotiations, we always prepare to take the case to court to ensure the best outcome for those who trust us to represent them.

Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Sexual abuse happens everywhere – at home, the workplace, religious institutions, college campuses, nursing homes, and within sports and youth organizations. Unfortunately, as more and more survivors of sexual abuse come forward, we’ve learned that a lot of organizations and institutions ignored and covered up abuse claims. When this happens, the perpetrator and organization may be held liable.

The sex abuse lawyers at HHK understand that these cases are deeply personal and traumatic. We know these crimes are widely underreported, and that many victims never tell anyone, let alone the police or an attorney. We take all sexual abuse claims seriously, and provide a safe, confidential space for survivors to seek justice.

There are widespread and often lifelong mental, emotional, and physical effects of sexual abuse. While a sexual abuse lawsuit can’t erase or change what happened, it can help hold the perpetrator(s) responsible and provide crucial financial support for the devastating impact of these crimes.

Mass Torts

Another practice area the attorneys at HHK handle is mass torts. This type of civil lawsuit occurs when a group of people suffer similar harm and an individual or business is liable, but they aren’t limited to physical injuries. Property damage, emotional suffering, and financial loss can be the basis of a mass tort lawsuit.

Since mass torts often involve thousands of plaintiffs in similar situations, they can greatly help civil claims of loss or harm because they allow lawyers to pool resources and work together to build strong cases. Mass torts speed up the legal process, and it’s common for them to end up in multidistrict litigation (MDL), which further moves things along.

An example of a mass tort case is when several people are harmed by a defective product. Because of the harm, the manufacturer of the product may be sued if they were negligent, whether they knew of the risk or not. (If they should have known, they may be held liable).

The attorneys at HHK have handled many types of mass torts, including those involving defective products, dangerous drugs, toxic exposure, and catastrophes, such as the BP oil spill.

Damages that can be sought in mass torts vary from case to case. They’re based on how the plaintiff was harmed by the defendant, the severity and impact of injuries, and details of the incident. Our clients have been awarded economic, noneconomic, and punitive damages in mass torts, but punitive damages aren’t nearly as common due to Louisiana legislation.

Whistleblower Lawsuits

Whistleblower lawsuits occur when someone comes forward with evidence of fraud or misconduct. Some examples of wrongdoing are violating federal law or regulation, abuse of authority, gross waste of funds, and substantial and specific danger to public health. At HHK, we recognize the courage it takes for an individual to speak up when others are doing wrong and provide skilled representation for those who trust us to help navigate these situations.

If formal whistleblower status is achieved, the individual is protected under law and may be compensated with a percentage of what’s recovered. It also protects them from retaliation by their employer.

Much of the fraud and misconduct in the U.S. directly involves and/or affects public programs and services that depend on federal funding and taxpayer money. There are many programs and industries that whistleblowers have helped save the country billions of dollars and protect the public from harm. These include hospital Medicare/Medicaid fraud, nursing home fraud, IRS tax fraud, Department of Defense fraud, FEMA fraud, pharmaceuticals fraud, SBA fraud, and more.

The whistleblower attorneys at HHK can help if you suspect or have evidence that a company is doing something wrong. While retaliation is illegal, it still happens. Our experienced team will walk you through the whistleblower legal process, ensure your rights are met, and help you fight back and be compensated for your losses, courage, and assistance in stopping costly fraud or misconduct.

Hurricane & Natural Disaster Claims

Being on the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana home and business owners are regularly at risk of suffering significant losses following natural disasters, especially hurricanes. In the last two decades alone, families and businesses have lost billions of dollars due to hurricanes. With more frequent, unpredictable, and stronger storms battering the state, property damage insurance claims have been steadily increasing.

The impact of a natural disaster can be devastating. Far too often, insurance companies have been known to act in bad faith, worsening these situations by refusing to pay the full value of claims, denying claims, and delaying payment. Businesses have had to temporarily and permanently shut down due to insurers who pay only part of what they’re owed. Families are displaced as they wait months or even years to repair or rebuild their homes. These situations are not just immoral – they’re illegal.

The hurricane damage attorneys at Herman Herman Katz have spent decades fighting against insurance companies on behalf of Louisiana residents and business owners. We review policies and contracts, investigate why a claim was fully or partly denied, provide guidance for filing claims, and handle communications with insurers.

Even if your claim was denied, it doesn’t mean you can’t get what you’re owed. Our firm’s knowledge and experience with disaster insurance law has helped clients get the full value of their claim. We’ve fought to hold insurers accountable countless times, taking them to court when needed.

Other Litigation Services

In addition to the practice areas outlined above, our firm handles other types of cases, such as commercial and business litigation and family law.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes are costly for everyone involved and can cause years of delays for businesses. With the help of our commercial litigation attorneys, we can assess your options, analyze costs and risks, and recommend the best course of action so you can get back to business.

Many commercial disputes are settled out of court, but the lawyers at HHK prepare all cases for trial. That way, if negotiations are ineffective or the other side isn’t willing to agree to what your business deserves, we have the foundation for a successful court case.

We’ve handled a range of commercial disputes on both the plaintiff and defendant sides, including those involving contracts, construction, financing, insurance, real estate, Fiduciary Duty, and partnership agreements. Like people, businesses have legal rights, and our commercial litigation attorneys can fight and protect those rights on your behalf.

Contact HHK for a Free Consultation

The attorneys at Herman Herman Katz have proven time and again that we have what it takes to win cases and negotiate fair settlements. Our lawyers regularly advance their skills and are frequently guest speakers on the many areas of law we specialize in. We’re well-published and highly sought after, not only because of our legal skills but because of our compassion, drive, and personable service. Contact HHK online or call 844-943-7626 for a free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Have a Case?2023-02-26T17:56:44+00:00

The best way to know if you have a case is to contact us as soon as possible. We’ll talk to you about the particular facts and circumstances of your potential case. After doing so, our attorneys will offer you their opinion about whether you have a claim worth pursuing. Call 1-844-943-7626 or fill out our free, no-obligation contact form to get the process started.

What Should I Expect of My Attorney?2023-02-26T17:52:49+00:00

Honesty, communication, and aggressive advocacy. Your attorney is doing you a disservice if they do not honestly convey to you the strengths and weaknesses of your case. At HHK, your attorney will tell you hard truths about your case so that you can make an informed decision. Once you’ve made a decision about the goals of your case, we’ll aggressively pursue those goals on your behalf – as any experienced and competent attorney should do.

Will My Case Settle Before I Have To Go To Trial?2023-02-26T17:59:56+00:00

We don’t know. Every case is different. Statistically speaking, the vast majority of cases settle before an actual trial takes place. But we are prepared to take your case to trial and win. In order to maximize the value of a case, it must be thoroughly prepared for trial.

Can I Hire a Louisiana Attorney If I Live in Another State?2023-02-26T18:02:36+00:00

Sure. We’re proud to have been based in New Orleans for over 80 years. But we handle cases all over the country. Many of our lawyers are licensed to practice law in multiple states. We also regularly work with attorneys in other states. When choosing a law firm to represent you in a personal injury case, the only thing that should matter is that firm’s track record of success. Our firm is proud to have recovered over $35 billion on behalf of our clients. That track record is simply unmatched by any other personal injury firm in the country. In the age of Zoom, email, fax, texts, and air travel, the geographical location of your lawyer is much less important than the quality of representation they can offer.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Talk To You About My Potential Case?2023-02-26T18:04:25+00:00

Nothing. It’s absolutely free. You have nothing to lose. Fill out our free, no-obligation case review form located on this website and get the process started.

Why Should I Hire a Trial Lawyer?2023-02-26T18:05:30+00:00

In order to maximize the value of a case, it must be thoroughly prepared for trial. Profit-motivated corporations and insurance companies often fear trials because judges and juries are empowered to determine their liability and the amount owed to an injured victim. A trial lawyer is a unique type of lawyer that is trained and experienced in actually trying cases for judges and juries. While many cases settle before an actual trial, a trial lawyer is necessary to help maximize the value of your case.


How Long Do I Have To File My Case?2023-02-26T18:15:36+00:00

Different types of cases have different rules about the time limits in which a case must be filed. Generally, personal injury cases in Louisiana must be filed within 1 year of the date of the accident that caused the injury. However, it is critical that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss the individual facts and circumstances of your case. You may have more or less than 1 year to file your case. Fill out our free, no-obligation case review form located on this website and get the process started.

How Much Is My Case Worth?2023-02-26T18:18:17+00:00

Every case is different. There are many aspects of your damages ranging from medical expenses to pain and suffering. Damages such as medical expenses are easily calculated by reviewing your medical bills. Damages like future lost wages often require experts to calculate. Less tangible damages like pain and suffering are unique to the given facts and circumstances of your case. After we take your case, we’ll employ the necessary experts to begin calculating your damages and will talk with you about how much your case is worth.

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More About HHK

Practice Areas

  • HHK is experienced in dealing with hurricane insurance cases involving property damage, business interruption, and bad faith.

  • HHK has been helping personal injury victims since 1942 and has recovered billions of dollars for victims and their families.

  • The False Claims Act protects whistleblowers and allows them to file qui tam lawsuits on behalf of the U.S. government.

  • The firm approaches litigation as a business matter, analyzing options, costs and risks, and recommending approaches to achieve goals.

  • Unlike class action lawsuits, mass torts are separate cases that may have different damages depending on the injury.

  • The firm handles a variety of sex abuse cases, including those involving the Catholic Church, college campuses, and children.

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