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  • Hurricane Ida, a powerful Category 4 hurricane that struck Louisiana in 2021, caused extensive damage with its intense winds, storm surge, and heavy rain. With damages amounting to $75 billion, it ranked as one of the most destructive hurricanes in recent history, second only to Hurricane Katrina. 
  • Many Louisiana homeowners and business owners affected by Hurricane Ida faced unfair delays and denials of insurance payouts, leaving many without the resources to repair or replace their damaged properties.
  • Our Hurricane Ida claims attorneys have helped affected individuals navigate the claims process by providing support in negotiating with insurance companies, filing lawsuits, and gathering evidence to strengthen claims. We aim to ensure that policyholders receive the compensation they are entitled to.

Why Hire HHK for a Hurricane Ida Claim

Herman Herman Katz is a valuable ally for Hurricane Ida survivors seeking insurance claim support. With a deep understanding of the frustration and challenges policyholders face, our Louisiana hurricane damage attorneys specialize in navigating insurance complexities. From negotiating with insurers to building strong cases, Herman Herman Katz is dedicated to securing fair compensation and helping clients rebuild after a storm’s devastation.

Hurricane Ida FAQs

What is the Time Frame for an Insurance Company to Finalize an Insurance Claim Settlement? 

Typically, they are required to acknowledge your claim within 14 days. However, they are given more to respond during major events such as Hurricane Ida. If you notice undue delays or inadequate response with an insurance claim, it’s advisable to contact a Louisiana hurricane damage attorney to ensure your claim progresses appropriately.

How Much Time Do I Have to File Hurricane Claims in Louisiana? 

In Louisiana, policyholders generally have 180 days after the date of the storm to file hurricane insurance claims.

Does My Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage? 

Whether your insurance policy covers hurricane damage depends on its coverage scope. Many policies, however, exclude flood damage despite flooding being a significant source of hurricane-related home damage. Standard homeowners policies differentiate between water damage and flooding. You’ll need a separate flood policy from sources like the National Flood Insurance Program, FEMA, or approved private carriers to cover flooding.

What Options Do I Have If My Hurricane Claim Gets Denied? 

Policyholders have avenues for recourse when faced with a denied or delayed hurricane insurance claim. An internal appeal can be filed, prompting a review by an impartial party within the insurance company, or individuals can seek legal intervention by bringing the claim to court. This legal course aims to secure rightful compensation and additional amounts for the unjust denial and associated delays.

How Can an Attorney Assist with a Louisiana Insurance Claim? 

Receiving the appropriate and timely insurance payout is crucial. Fair treatment and prompt payments are your entitlements. HHK has a team of attorneys specializing in hurricane insurance claims that can expedite your case while ensuring rightful compensation. We will oversee the process vigilantly to secure the compensation you deserve.

sign reading "storm damage" in front of house with roof damage

Business owners and homeowners throughout Louisiana continue to struggle with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, an intense storm that caused extensive damage throughout the state in 2021. Many policyholders are still waiting for the insurance proceeds they’re owed, with a property that needs to be repaired or replaced but no money to do so. When it comes to a business, even a minor interruption in service can have disastrous effects on its prosperity, something too many owners experienced after Hurricane Ida.

When filing a natural disaster damage claim, insurance companies may act in bad faith to reduce or outright deny a legitimate claim. At Herman Herman Katz, we understand how frustrating managing a property damage claim is, especially if your insurer treats you unfairly and you’ve been waiting years for what you’re owed. Our Hurricane Ida attorneys are on standby to help with any questions you may have. Whether you need help negotiating with the insurance company, filing a lawsuit, or finding the evidence you need to strengthen your claim, we’re here to help.

About Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida was a deadly and destructive Category 4 hurricane. It made landfall near Port Fourchon on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and delivered its wrath to Louisiana and beyond over several days in late August and early September of 2021. With sustained winds of 150mph, just shy of the wind speed that would make it a Category 5 hurricane, the damage it caused across the U.S. amounted to $75 billion.

One of the worst areas Hurricane Ida caused extensive damage was in Louisiana, with a massive storm surge and heavy rain that led to flooding and winds that destroyed properties and infrastructure. More than one million people lost power during the storm, and it took weeks to restore electricity to everyone affected.

Hurricane Ida Damage

flooded house after a hurricaneIda was the most damaging hurricane in recent years. In fact, it became the second-most destructive and intense hurricane in Louisiana on record, behind only Hurricane Katrina. Its extraordinarily dangerous wind and flooding caused massive property destruction; it decimated homes and businesses, flooded buildings, tore off roofs, downed power lines, toppled trees, and closed businesses for months or more.

In the end, the damage varied from home to home and business to business. Hurricane Ida ultimately left few without some harm to contend with. If you’re still struggling with your hurricane damage claim, our attorneys can help you get what you’re owed.

Denied and Delayed Hurricane Ida Claims

Hurricane Ida continues to drive many insurance claims. These claims do not start automatically. Well before now, you should have contacted your insurance agency and filed a Hurricane Ida claim, providing photo evidence of damage and a list of losses. All Louisiana home or business owners should also have provided photos showing the condition of their home or business prior to the storm to help support their claim.

If you’ve done your part, the ball is in the insurance company’s court, and it’s past time they fulfilled their obligations to policyholders. Unfortunately, insurance companies have unfairly delayed and outright denied many Hurricane Ida claims, but our attorneys can help you get the payout you’re entitled to.

Hurricane Ida Claims and Your Rights

If Hurricane Ida has impacted your property, it is understandable that you are overwhelmed and frustrated if your insurer hasn’t paid what you pay premiums for. It would be great if you could assume that your insurance will cover your costs without issue, but years later, countless Hurricane Ida insurance claims have yet to be paid. Our Louisiana hurricane damage attorneys can step in and handle your claim successfully.

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