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New Orleans offshore accident site.Over $35 billion recovered. Our New Orleans offshore injury attorneys are proud of that number.

We are proud of that number because we know firsthand how devastating maritime and offshore accidents can be. We have seen the suffering of the victims and their families up close. When it comes to New Orleans offshore accident attorneys, we have seen the disastrous and catastrophic consequences that happen when rig owners and operators cut corners to save a buck.

Whether you work on an oil rig or one of the many barges that transport goods up and down the Mississippi river, business owners have a duty to provide the safest possible working environment for their employees. They must adhere to all safety regulations and rules to keep their workers safe. Unfortunately, not all owners behave responsibly. And when they don’t, traumatic accidents can happen that forever alter peoples’ lives. Offshore professions are dangerous even when owners and employees follow all the rules. But when someone else’s negligence or careless disregard for the safety of workers results in injury or loss of life, the injured party or parties have a right to compensation.

Common Offshore Accident Causes

There are a wide variety of factors that can contribute to offshore accidents. And these factors can affect any employee. This includes oil rig workers and crew members on tugboats, pushers, or barges that operate on the sea or any waterway in the country. But many of these accidents are preventable.

Lack of Training

Many oil companies have very large budgets. But that does not stop them from sometimes cutting corners on employee training. Working on these vessels often involves using complicated and unwieldy equipment. Because of that, a lack of training can be deadly. Even worse, some rigs inadequately supervise their employees. The failure of oil rig owners and operators to properly train and oversee their employees results in untrained employees carrying out dangerous tasks that can cause severe harm to anyone onboard.

Deck Accidents

The deck of any vessel can be fraught with hazards that cause accidents and injuries. However, this is even more true of oil rigs, where workers are surrounded by hazards. Such hazards include:

  • Electrical hazards,
  • Mechanical hazards,
  • Trip and fall hazards,
  • Crush hazards, and
  • Pinch point hazards.

Workers can be tossed overboard by an unruly sea, crushed under a falling object, or squashed between two items careening toward one another on a slippery deck. These hazards can happen on any vessel but are potentially more intense on oil rigs where the atmosphere is often hurried and frenzied.

Other Causes

Equipment failure is another common source of injury on water vessels. Fires and explosions are not as common as other dangers found on board, but when they do happen, they tend to be catastrophic.


In the aftermath of a maritime accident injury, your job is to heal. Most victims suffer both physical and emotional pain and trauma as a result of their accidents. And as you try to heal, you and your loved ones must also confront economic losses associated with your injury. You may be unable to work while recovering. If you are the primary breadwinner of the family, the sudden loss of a steady paycheck can wreak havoc in your life. Your experienced New Orleans offshore accident attorney knows how to get proper compensation for your lost wages, lost work opportunities, medical bills, and even pain and suffering. We work tirelessly to help you put your life back together after an on-the-job injury.

Making You Whole Again

An attorney handling an offshore injury case in New Orleans.Money cannot fix everything. But it can compensate you and your family for damage to your lives and finances that should have been prevented.  We take great pride in our work because the compensation recovered for our offshore injury clients has changed the trajectory of lives.  It has provided injured offshore workers with the ability to sustain their families while they are unable to work.  It has provided women widowed by offshore accidents with a means to provide for young children left behind.

And you can rest assured that no firm is better equipped than HHK to handle your personal injury claim stemming from an offshore accident.  The firm’s experienced New Orleans offshore accident attorneys at Herman Herman & Katz LLC are very familiar with these types of claims. In fact, it is our skill and expertise that led the court overseeing the DEEPWATER HORIZON litigation to select HHK partner Steve Herman as Co-Lead Counsel for the victims of the spill.

The DEEPWATER HORIZON catastrophe is widely considered to be the worst offshore disaster in American history. Eleven offshore workers died, and many more were severely injured. As Co-Lead Counsel, Steve is leading the charge to hold BP accountable for its gross failures that led to this tragic offshore accident.

Our firm was instrumental in negotiating the uncapped, multi-billion dollar settlement with BP.  The settlement ended up being so favorable to victims of the spill that BP actually took the unprecedented step of appealing the terms of a settlement that it had previously agreed to in writing.

Our firm was also instrumental in spearheading the BP trial, which many consider the largest offshore trial in American history. The first phase of the trial focused on identifying the causes of the blowout, explosion, and subsequent oil spill. The second phase of the trial focused on determining how much oil actually spilled into the Gulf of Mexico.

When deciding on a New Orleans offshore accident lawyer to represent you and your family in an offshore injury case, it is important to select a law firm that understands the complexities of the unique maritime laws and can maximize your recovery.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured or killed as a result of an offshore accident, it is very important that you contact a highly skilled New Orleans offshore injury attorney before you discuss the accident with any company representatives.

Learn about your legal rights from an experienced New Orleans offshore accident attorney by filling out our free, no-obligation case review form located on this website.

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