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Save the Date Justice for All BallPartner, Steven Lane, is the Chairperson for The Pro Bono Project’s Justice For All Ball. The event will be held on September 18, 2015. Honorary Chairperson, Mrs. Gayle Benson, has been kind enough to allow The Pro Bono Project to use the New Orleans Pelican’s practice court for the Patron Party, and the New Orleans Saints practice field for the Gala event. Because Mrs. Benson has allowed us to use these unique sites, we expect this year’s Gala to be the best ever and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the public who attend.

The Justice For All Ball is the primary fundraiser for The Pro Bono Project. The Pro Bono Project helps the working poor, low income families and elderly clients gain access to lawyers to help resolve civil legal issues. These issues range from obtaining public benefits to combatting consumer fraud to stopping creditor harassment and more. The clients need civil representation but they can’t afford it. The private attorneys need a way to identify and screen these clients, as well as fulfill their professional responsibility to their communities. The Pro Bono Project serves the needs of both.

It is an extreme honor for Mr. Lane to have been chosen as the Chairperson, and it is hoped that this event will provide much needed funding for individuals and children in need of legal representation.

For tickets, please visit: http://probono-no.org/justice-for-all-ball-2015-early/

If you would like to sponsor, donate or pledge funds to this worthy cause, please see the forms below:

2015 JFAB Sponsor Form

2015 JFAB Restaurant Donation Form

2015 JFAB Raffle Donation Form

2015 JFAB Pledge Card



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