New Orleans, LA Lawyers Fighting for DePuy ASR Implant Sufferers

Hip ImplantThe experienced attorneys at Herman Herman & Katz are pursuing claims on behalf of those injured by the installation of the defective DePuy ASR hip implants.

DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. and Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. designed, manufactured, distributed, and sold an implantable orthopaedic reconstructive device under the name “DePuy ASR.” It is used as a hip implant device in joint reconstruction. 


The device was manufactured and marketed as “high performance hip replacements.” Advertisements for the device included pictures of a woman running on a beach or of a man swinging a golf club. DePuy advertised the device as a superior product that would allow patients to return to their more active lifestyles. It was also advertised that this device would last longer than other hip replacement products. 

The device consists of a metal ball and socket components that move against each other. The medical components wear against each other and generate small metal debris. The debris can cause soft tissue damage that can impair the revision surgery process. The cup (acetabular component) is sub-hemispherical and does not provide enough coverage for the ball (femoral head) to move freely, and the ball consequently comes in contact with the edge of the cup. Because of the contact, metal debris is released into the blood stream and the immune system is not able to get rid of so many foreign particles in the body.

Risks associated with the DePuy ASR hip implant:

The device has been shown to require revisions at almost three times the generally accepted standards. As a result of this revision rate, DePuy issued a voluntary recall of all such products on August 20, 2010. DePuy failed to warn medical providers and/or their customers of the defective nature of the hip replacement device. In their failure to do so, DePuy allowed for the continued sale and installation of these defective devices. 

Symptoms of the defective device include: metallosis, pain, inflammatory reactions or onset of a limp. 

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