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Class action done in New OrleansA class action is a lawsuit where a large number of people who have suffered similar injuries join together to sue another entity, usually a large corporation. These cases may range from defective drugs to an environmental disaster such as an oil spill. Class actions are typically large, complicated cases that have unique set of legal procedures that differ from individual cases.

Multi district litigation (MDL) is a separate federal legal procedure designed to streamline the litigation process in cases that involve common questions of fact and may involve thousands of plaintiffs in a number of different states. Individual cases in an MDL are sent from one federal court to another federal court for all pretrial proceedings and discovery.

Our New Orleans class action attorney has important leadership roles in class actions and MDL’s all over the country. Our firm’s experience with these types of claims led the court overseeing the Deepwater Horizon MDL to select HHK partner, Steve Herman, as Co-Lead Counsel for the plaintiffs. The Deepwater Horizon is widely considered to be the worst offshore maritime disaster in American history. Eleven offshore workers died and many more were severely injured. As Co-Lead Counsel, Steve is leading the charge to hold BP accountable for its gross failures that led to this tragic offshore maritime accident.

In addition to the Deepwater Horizon MDL, our firm is currently investigating class action/MDL claims stemming from the following:

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