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No firm is better equipped than HHK to handle your personal injury claim stemming from toxic contamination. Our firm’s experience with these types of claims led the court overseeing the BP Oil Spill litigation to select HHK partner, Steve Herman, as Co-Lead Counsel for the plaintiffs.

The BP oil spill is widely considered to be the worst pollution disaster in American history. As Co-Lead Counsel, Steve led the charge on behalf of thousands of shrimpers, oysterman, and other businesses devastated by the spill.

Our firm was instrumental in negotiating the uncapped, multi billion dollar settlement with BP. The settlement ended up being so favorable to victims of the spill that BP actually took the unprecedented step of appealing the terms of a settlement that it actually agreed to in writing.

Our firm was also instrumental in spear heading the BP trial, which many consider to be the largest pollution trial in American history. The first phase of the trial focused on identifying the causes of the blowout and subsequent oil spill. The second phase of the trial focused on determining how much oil actually spilled into the Gulf.

Unfortunately, the BP oil spill was not America’s first contamination disaster and likely will not be its last. Fossil fuels and manufactured chemicals are a vital part of our current economy.

However, big oil and gas companies must also be good stewards of the safety of their workers and the general public. The BP oil spill was an unfortunate example of how one big oil company sacrificed personnel and environmental safety to maximize its profits. When big oil and gas companies fail to fulfill their safety obligations, dangerous contamination events can occur.

Contamination can be devastating to local communities. Victims may face extensive health problems or even wrongful death. They may be saddled with extensive future medical costs associated with monitoring their health over the course of their lifetime. Medical monitoring is needed to detect cancers and other types of chronic illnesses related to pollution exposure.

Victims may also incur expensive clean up costs associated with removing pollutants from their property. In some cases, the contamination is so bad that clean up is not even an option. Valuable property such as homes and businesses must be razed. The polluted land is left basically worthless.

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