Common Core Curriculum is a standard for Mathematics and English that outlines what a student should know at the end of each grade. The standards are developed by states with the hopes that it will allow states to compare their students’ performance. Common Core has been adopted by more than 40 states but has been debated by teachers, parents, students and legislative officials since its development. Louisiana’s Governor, Bobby Jindal, has recently taken a stance to block Common Core in Louisiana.

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Gov. Jindal believes that Common Core is a one-size-fits all program that does not work for Louisiana. Jindal is seeking to prevent certain tests from being administered that are linked to the standards. He will also ask lawmakers to adopt specific education standards that he would like the education department and state education board to develop.

Opponents of Governor Jindal’s tactics claim he is exceeding his gubernatorial authority and are asking Louisiana education officials to continue using the standards and associated testing. These Common Core supporters argue that the standards promote critical thinking and better prepare Louisiana students for college and careers.

Jindal’s main concern is giving up Louisiana’s control of the education system to the federal government, but Jindal will have a battle ahead of him as his executive authority is limited and his education superintendent, the Louisiana Legislature and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education all support the standards.

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