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18 Wheeler 18 wheeler trucks have to be insured.  Liability insurance protects people who are injured when an 18 wheeler causes an accident.  

When an 18 wheeler is involved in an accident, the insurance company will hire lawyers to defend the truck driver and trucking company. If you file an injury claim and there is a settlement or verdict in your favor, the insurance company is generally obligated to pay you up to a certain limit.  If the settlement or verdict is less than or equal to the insurance limits, the insurance company will pay the entire amount owed to you.  If your settlement or verdict is higher that the insurance limit, then generally the insurance company only has to pay its limit.    

The FMCSR sets minimum liability insurance limits that trucking companies have to maintain.  Generally, if the trucking company is transporting property that is not hazardous, it must have minimum liability insurance limits of $750,000.  If the trucking company is transporting hazardous substances, it must have $5,000,000 of insurance coverage. 

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