Wal-Mart Truck Driver Fatigue Linked to Tracy Morgan’s Severe Injury

The lack of sleep by a Wal-Mart truck driver is linked to a fatal crash involving actor Tracy Morgan. Morgan was recovering in the hospital when it was revealed that the driver had not slept for over 24 hours before the accident.

Authorities claimed the driver didn’t slow down for the traffic ahead, causing the crash. The truck crashed into the back of Morgan’s limo, spotlighting the deadly potential of truck accidents.

The Role of Driver Fatigue in the Tracy Morgan Crash

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that trucker fatigue causes over 750 deaths and 20,000 injuries each year. The accident involving Morgan and his friends tragically emphasizes this statistic.

In this crash, fatigue slowed the driver’s reaction time. This event shows the urgent need to tackle driver fatigue, not just within trucking companies but also in broader road safety measures.

The Tracy Morgan crash underlined the extensive damage that truck accidents can cause and emphasized the need for safety measures.

Consequences of the Crash and the Necessity for Safety Measures

Investigators now require companies to implement a fatigue safety program. “Walmart submitted a plan to improve driver training,” NTSB investigator Mike Fox noted. Walmart has since instituted daily calls to drivers to verify their driving readiness.

However, Morgan and other passengers were severely injured partially because they didn’t wear seatbelts or adjust headrests properly. This underscores the importance of safety practices in vehicles.

Legal Implications and Settlements Post-Crash

In May, Morgan and two injured friends settled a lawsuit with Walmart for an undisclosed amount. Court papers revealed Walmart also settled a wrongful death claim by James “Jimmy Mack” McNair’s children for $10 million.

These proceedings emphasize the importance of legal recourse for accident victims and its impact on involved parties.

Truck accidents often involve driver fatigue, causing serious personal injuries and even wrongful death. In Louisiana, if you’re a victim of such an incident, consult a Louisiana trucking accident lawyer as soon as possible. At Herman Herman Katz, our skilled attorneys are committed to protecting your interests against the trucking industry. Contact us today at 844-943-7626 for a free case review.


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