Offshore workersNearly five years ago, the night sky above the Gulf of Mexico lit up ablaze as thirteen BP workers lost their lives in the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Despite the promises made by oil companies that they learned from the BP oil spill and their denials of putting profits over the safety of their employees, the Gulf of Mexico is again ablaze at the cost of human lives.

At least four men lost their lives and several dozens more were left injured as a result of an explosion on the Abkatun Permanente platform. It is part of the Abkatun Pol Chuc offshore complex near Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. The death and injury of these workers is just the latest instance showing how Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, has notoriously put its workers’ safety on the lower tier of its priorities. For example:

• In 2013, at least 37 people were killed as a result of another Pemex blast at its headquarters in Mexico City;
• In 2012 a fire at a Pemex natural gas facility claimed the lives of 26 of its workers;
• In 2007, 21 people died when two Pemex platforms collided.

In addition to the 4 fatalities, several dozens of Pemex’s workers were injured as a result of the explosion. The total amount is still unsettled. On one hand, Pemex claims that only 16 people were hurt. However, emergency services stated that at least 45 were admitted with injuries. At least two are in life-critical condition. The total injured is likely more, however. In order to escape with their lives, workers had to escape by jumping off the platform onto shallow waters below. As one brave survivor put it, “[we] jumped into the sea out of desperation and panic.” Three employees are still currently unaccounted following their leaps to the shallow water surrounding the platform.

The fatal explosion highlights the dangerous working conditions that oil workers face daily and the anxiety that must befall every worker’s family as they leave their home to work on the oil fields. For the family members of those who lost their lives or were injured on the Pemex platform, this explosion will not soon be forgotten.

For over 70 years, Herman, Herman & Katz has strived to ensure that oil companies remember the lives and families it has irrevocably ruined by ensuring that they are held responsible, and the worker’s families compensated, to the fullest extent possible under the law. Oil companies must beheld accountable for their failures in protecting its workers. We accomplished that in our position as co-lead counsel in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Thanks to the efforts of our attorneys, BP was held responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

If you or someone you know has been injured due to the Pemex oil explosion, it is important that they find representation who is not afraid of facing oil companies. Too often oil companies will try to intimidate and force families to sign over their rights for sums that are in no way equal to the damage they caused. Here at Herman, Herman & Katz, our experience fighting oil companies will ensure that the oil companies do not get away with this and that justice is delivered for the family members whose lives have been devastated.  For more information about your legal rights, contact our office at 1-844-943-7626.

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