Deepwater Horizon Claims Administrator Patrick A. Juneau announced a significant milestone in the Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Settlement.

Juneau reported six claim categories have been finalized. The largest is the $2.3 billion Seafood Compensation Program and the other five are Real Property Sales, Vessels of Opportunity, Vessel Physical Damages, Individual Periodic Vendors and Coastal Real Property.

The eligibility notices for the final distribution of the Seafood Compensation Program will be sent the first week in October.

“Without a doubt this is a major accomplishment for the Court Supervised Settlement Program,” said Juneau. “The $2.3 billion Seafood Compensation Program was designed to have a major impact on the five states that were affected by the Deepwater Horizon tragedy. I firmly believe this money has played a huge role in helping the Gulf Coast seafood industry recover from the oil spill.”

Eligibility awards for the other five claim categories totaled over $454 million.

Juneau credited Federal Court Judge Carl Barbier, now retired Federal Court Magistrate Sally Shushan, BP and the Plaintiff Steering Committee for their role in helping to reach this milestone.

“The atmosphere of cooperation this past year between the Claims Administration Office, BP and the Plaintiff Steering Committee has been unprecedented, and it is greatly appreciated. Both parties are working closely with the Claims Administration Office to finalize all claim categories and move this process to a conclusion.”

Juneau, who has served as a Special Master on a number of complex class action settlements around the country, specifically recognized Federal Court Judge Barbier for his role in the Court Supervised Settlement Program.

“Judge Carl Barbier has been very involved in all aspects of the Court Supervised Settlement Program while still maintaining a full docket of other cases,” said Juneau. “He has dedicated a huge amount of his time to keeping current on all aspects of the claims process. Judge Barbier has been accessible and committed to presiding over a fair and equitable settlement for all the involved parties.”

While these six claim categories are being completed, Juneau said there is still more work ahead. He said work continues on the reviewing and processing of the remaining claims in the Individual Economic Loss, Business Economic Loss, Start-Up Business Economic Loss, Failed Business Economic Loss, Wetlands Real Property and Subsistence Claim Categories.

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