Election day is November 21st – Please vote for John Bel Edwards

Dear Friend:

Rarely have we worked so hard to elect a candidate for governor. But the upcoming election is different. The last eight years have been awful for our state in so many ways. This election is so important we felt an obligation to inform you about John Bel Edwards and ask you to vote for him.

John Bel’s life has been molded by his graduation with honors from the United States Military Academy at West Point. After graduation he served eight years in the United States Army as an Airborne Ranger. He went on to graduate with honors from Louisiana State University Law School. He currently serves as House Representative for District 72 and practices law with his nephew in Amite, Louisiana. John Bel has lived by the West Point motto — Duty, Honor, Country.

John Bel’s wife, Donna, is a schoolteacher. Donna and John have three children, Samantha, Sarah Ellen and John Miller. During Donna’s first pregnancy, Donna and John were advised by their doctors to abort their daughter who was diagnosed with a rare spinal defect. They refused. Today Samantha is a graduate student at Southeast Louisiana State University in Hammond.

John Bel is conservative. He is pro-life, fiscally conservative and deeply religious. John Bel is anti-crime. The Edwards family has four generations of Tangipahoa Parish Sheriffs in their family lineage, including John Bel’s father and his brother who is currently serving as Sheriff. John Bel has been endorsed by the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association, Jay Dardenne and numerous other Republicans.

John Bel has served the last eight years in the Louisiana Legislature representing the citizens of Tangipahoa Parish. He understands that state government can work but only with strong leadership from the Governor’s office. John Bel will do what is best for the State of Louisiana and its citizens with honesty and integrity.

The contrast between this conservative, caring, and reasonable gentleman and his opponent is obvious. Election day is November 21st. Please vote John Bel Edwards for Governor.

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