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Burn injury victims often require complex and expensive medical treatment.  Burn injury treatment may include:

Burn TreatmentArtificial skin For the most severely burned individuals, artificial skin may be grown and attached to the affected area of the body.  Laboratories often use other people’s skin to grow artificial skin for people with severe burns or unhealed wounds.  

Debridement – When serious burns occur, tissue often dies.  Debridement is the removal of dead, damaged, and/or infected tissue.  Debridement procedures are performed to help increase the healing chances of the remaining healthy tissue.

Escharotomy – An escharotomy is a procedure used to treat third and/or fourth degree circumferential burns.  Following a full thickness burn, the tissue becomes tough and leathery and actually begins to restrict the circulation of oxygenated blood.  An escharotomy is performed by making incisions into the tough, leathery tissue so as to relieve the pressure and allow better circulation.

Silver sulfadiazine cream – This is a topical antibacterial cream used on burns.  The cream is usually used 1-2 times per day to help prevent infection and promote healing.

Skin grafts – A skin graft is a surgical procedure whereby a healthy piece of skin is taken from a donor site and transplanted to a new area of the body.  A split thickness skin graft takes the top two layers of skin (epidermis) and the bottom lawyer of skin (dermis) from the donor site.  People with deeper tissue loss may require a full thickness skin graft.  A full thickness skin graft not only takes the various layers of skin from the donor site but also includes the muscle and blood supply. 

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