These terms are commonly used in auto insurance policies.  If you understand what these terms mean, you will be better able to address your particular situation after a car accident.

Bodily Injury vs Propery Damage“Bodily injury” means injuries to your body.  This term covers all types of personal injuries like broken bones, herniated discs, cuts, bruises, abrasions, pain, and so on.

“Property damage” means damage to your vehicle.  This includes damage to your vehicle that can be fixed, or damages that cannot be fixed.  If the damage cannot be fixed, your vehicle would be declared a “total loss” or “totaled.” 

Car insurance companies generally want to settle “property damage” claims as soon as possible after an accident.

Unfortunately, the insurance companies are not so enthusiastic about settling “bodily injury” claims because these will often cost them much more money than the property damage. Insurance companies will often try to settle your bodily injury claims quickly and for a low ball amount, sometimes even before you have any idea how hurt you really are.  Otherwise, if you do not take their quick settlement offer, the insurance company may try to drag your bodily injury claim out for as long as possible to wear you down, and still pay as little as possible in the end.

Many times, you will be able to settle your “property damage” claims on your own, without a lawyer.  However, if you want to settle a “bodily injury” claim for a fair amount, you will almost certainly need to hire a personal injury attorney to represent your best interests.

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