car accidentThe leading causes of accidental injury and death in Louisiana are car accidents. According to Louisiana State University, there were approximately 620 fatal car wrecks in 2013. Orleans Parish ranked #1 with 44 deaths. East Baton Rouge Parish had 37 and Lafayette Parish had 34 deaths.

There were 43,886 car wrecks in Louisiana that resulted in injuries in 2013. East Baton Rouge Parish ranked #1 with 5,877. Orleans Parish had 5,309 and Jefferson Parish had 3,797.

Car accidents in Louisiana usually happen because of driver negligence, driver misconduct or defective vehicles. If a driver is distracted due to texting while driving and gets in an accident, that driver is failing to exercise reasonable care. That failure to exercise reasonable care is driver negligence.

If a driver intentionally runs a red light, that is driver misconduct. That driver is putting other drivers on the road at risk. If the vehicle has a defect and the defect causes the car accident, then the driver’s conduct will usually not be at issue. For example, it has been alleged that certain GM vehicles have a defective ignition switch which can cut off the engine, knocking out the power steering and brakes, and disabling the airbags. Even if a driver was doing everything right, if the power steering goes out because of the defective ignition switch and causes a car accident then the cause of that car wreck would be the defective vehicle.

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