After a serious motor vehicle accident, many people feel disoriented and unsure of how to proceed.  Some people feel angry.  Some people just want to put the wreck behind them and get on with their lives.  Right when you are wrestling with these issues, as well as your physical injuries and other inconveniences caused by the accident, the insurance company wants you to give a recorded statement and sign medical release forms.  This often adds more confusion just as you are trying to come to terms with what has happened. 

Signing a Medical Release is NOT as simple as it sounds

Medical Release FormInsurance companies commonly ask auto accident victims to sign a medical release form.  This may seem like a reasonable request considering that the insurer needs to know about the injuries suffered and the treatment in order properly compensate for those injuries.  However, it is not quite that simple.  You may end up giving the insurance company way more information than they need, and perhaps access to your entire medical history.

It really all depends on what kind of medical release form the insurance company wants you to sign.  Are they asking you to sign a blanket release form that gives them access to your entire medical history?  Or, are the asking you for a very specific release related only to records relevant to your injury?

The real reason that insurance company wants you to sign this form

The purpose of a blanket release form is to give the insurance company complete access to all of your medical records.  One reason that the insurance company wants all of your medical records is to find out if there is anything in your medical records that could be considered a “pre-existing condition” that would give them a reason to deny your claim.  A “pre-existing condition” is something that you suffered from before the crash.  For example, the insurer may look to see if you have ever complained of neck or back pain before your motor vehicle accident.  If you have, they will argue that the back and neck pain that you experienced as a result of the accident was actually already there, and was not even caused by the wreck – even if this is not true.

The whole point of asking you for a medical release for is, basically, so that the insurance company can try to find a way to pay as little of your medical claims as possible, or to get out of paying them entirely.  Why else would they want your entire medical history?

Of course, you could submit your personal records to the insurance company on your own but, the best way to protect your personal information from being used against you is by speaking with an attorney and getting their advice about the medical release form.  

If you have been injured in a car wreck, before you sign a medical release form for the insurance company, learn about your legal rights from an experienced Louisiana car collision lawyer by calling 504-581-4892 or by filling out our free, no obligation case review form.

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