Settlement Offers from the Insurance CompanyOne common tactic used by auto insurance companies is to offer you a low ball amount of money almost immediately after your accident.  Insurance companies are aware that many people just want to move on after an accident.  People are often disoriented and uncertain about what to do.  And most people do not know their legal rights.  The insurance companies know all of this and will try to capitalize on these vulnerabilities by making you a low ball offer to settle, and hoping that you will accept it and go away.  

If an adjuster offers you money, especially very early on after your car accident, you should consider consulting an attorney. Sometimes people do not even know the extent of their injuries or the true impact or value of their claim until much later.  The insurance companies use this common trick all the while knowing that your claim is really worth more than this initial offer.  Insurance companies will usually pay you more, and sometimes much more, than these early offers.

As an exception to this general rule, if your claim does not involve any bodily injuries, and is only for property damage to your vehicle, you can probably accept an early offer.  Insurance companies, generally, like to get rid of these property damage claims as quickly as possible.  You can get some information on the value of your car or the cost to repair your car, and if the insurance company is offering you an amount that falls in that range, you can usually accept these offers.  However, it never hurts to get some legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney if you have questions about the amount of the property damage offer.

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