If the person who hit you does not have any car insurance, you may still have a case, if you have “uninsured motorist” or “underinsured motorist” coverage in your own auto insurance policy.  Also known as “UM” coverage, this is a particular type of insurance that is always available when you buy auto insurance.

IUninsured Motorist Coveragef you have this type of insurance coverage when you are hit by someone who does not have any insurance, or does not have enough insurance to cover your claim, you can recover from your own insurance carrier.  If you find yourself in this situation, check your own policy to make sure that you have UM coverage.

UM coverage is good to have, and is generally inexpensive.  Often, insurance agents do not appropriately stress the importance of this type of coverage because, while it is inexpensive to buy this coverage, you will be making a claim against your own insurance company if someone with little or no insurance coverage hits you.  But, that is exactly why people buy insurance in the first place.  

The next time you buy or renew your insurance policy, make sure to select this type of coverage to protect yourself and your family.  If you do not have UM coverage, and you are hit by someone with no insurance or insufficient insurance to cover your injuries, you may be out of luck.

Hit and Run Accidents

Accidents involving a driver who leaves the scene of an accident is called a hit and run accident.  When the other driver does not remain at the scene, and is not later located, the injured victim does not have the other driver’s insurance information so that they can file a claim.  This is another good reason for having uninsured or underinsured motorist (UM) insurance coverage.  You cannot control other drivers’ actions.  Even if you were hit by another driver who had insurance, but that driver flees the scene of the crash, you will be left high and dry, paying out of pocket for damages that you did not cause, unless you have UM coverage.

Uninsured Motorist (UM) protection for pedestrians

Pedestrians are often the victims of motor vehicle collisions.  UM coverage that includes bodily injury protections can pay for medical expenses and other damages caused to pedestrian victims.

If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, or the other party in the accident was uninsured, learn about your legal rights from an experienced Louisiana car wreck lawyer by calling 504-581-4892 or by filling out our free, no obligation case review form.

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